Palacio del Sol

Project Type
Mixed-Use Rental

Unit Count
124 (Studios to 3-Bedrooms)

Commercial SF

Commercial Uses
Non-Profit Offices

Project Cost
$25 million

Palacio del Sol is a 124-unit mixed-use complex in the Melrose Commons section of the Bronx, located on Melrose Avenue between 156th and 157th Streets. It is the largest project we developed in the Urban Renewal Area.

Both residential and commercial components of this project have distinct, seperate canopies to make each entrance. In addition to commercial space, the ground floor contains a spacious community facility and distinctive lobby. The building provides safety measures for its residents with a custom security office built into the ground floor. Also included in the plan is a laundry room with direct access to a private outdoor space anda view of the children's play area.

On the building's exterior massing, materials, and color schemes remain respectful of the neighborhing buildings while establishing its own distinctive character. Tree-lined sidewalks and lawn space provide privacy and a buffer from street and traffic noise.